Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Unexplained Phenomena : Eyes of the Mothman

November 15th 1966 - four young adults traveling through the West Virginia backwoods of an abandoned TNT Plant, come across something, unnatural... The headlights from their '57 Chevy strike what appears to be a black, lurking, lumbering, 7 foot tall man with red eyes and wings! Before the winged man of Point Pleasant would make his departure from its menacing raid on the God fearing souls of this minute church going community, 46 people would die tragically and hundreds more would be left traumatized and emotionally scarred for life. With rumors adrift of a haunting Indian curse, wild stories of men in black, bridge collapses, and a history of uncanny coincidences, UFO sightings, and even alien abductions; The Eyes of the Mothman is the first feature length documentary to delve deeper than any other program to uncover the truth behind this unsolved mystery from 43 years ago.

Even filming the documentary yielded some unusual circumstances:

* Immediately after production ceased on Eyes of the Mothman, a number of the crew got very ill. Director Matthew J. Pellowski had a pneumonia for 8 months causing post production to be put on hold. Assistant Camera Man Justin Massler suffered a severe mental breakdown and suffered a great deal of similar symptoms that alleged Mothman witnesses also endured.
* Anastasia Konstantinou, one of the producers of the film had a ghostly encounter in her hotel room during filming. Crew stayed at the historic Lowe Hotel which is known for being haunted. Her room was in what was once the old slave quarters, during one night she woke up from a strange noise in the room and reported seeing hundreds of red colored lights all around her room.
* During Post Production, the hard drive labeled “Cornstalk Curse” crashed several times causing delays for over a year in the animation work seen in the film.
* Audio files also were lost twice during post production causing 6 months in delays.
* Many believe that there is a curse associated with the mothman where people involved with any book, film, or project involving the myth, suffer untimely deaths. The Mothman Death List is a popular internet based legend. So far since production ceased on Eyes of the Mothman, three of the interview subjects (Roy Cross, Captain Charles Stone and Merle Partridge) have passed away.
* During production, both crew members Matthew Pellowski and Anastasia Konstantinou were approached by two men that fit the description of “the men in black.” These men asked questions about what we were doing and why and subtly suggested that we not continue on with this project. It was a very strange encounter that would likely need further explanation but basically, two strange guys who came out of no where while we were filming the silver bridge scene, tried to deter us from filming this project.
* Crew member Justin Massler eventually had a great deal of troubles with the law and after years of unusual behavior, attributed his change in demeanor and personality to his experience in working on the Eyes of the Mothman.
* For years the director (Matt Pellowski) had reoccurring dreams about a strange facility near a great river that he never understood. During his first visit to Point Pleasant West Virginia, he realized that the facility in his dream was the TNT plant in Mason county, one of the first locations Mothman was spotted. It was been discovered that there are a great deal of people from around the world that dream about the Ohio River that have never been there. Upon seeing the river in person they discover the river they dream about is the Ohio river. There is also a great deal of legends and myths and strange things that have happened regarding the Ohio river. (*note the dream reference above was taken from research I did for a previous article but I cannot remember when I found it, it was a research study conducted about people they found dreaming about the Ohio river who had never seen it in person)
* Several people were interviewed who refused to say on camera that they worked at the TNT plant, those same people also said that the people who built the TNT plant in Point Pleasant also build the area 51 facility in Nevada.

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