Monday, March 31, 2008

"Allah Fish" Surfaces in Parangipettai Water

Cuddalore Nov. 15. A marine phenomenon, “Allah fish”, has occurred in the coastal water of Parangipettai near Chidambaram in Cuddalore District. As the fish made an appearance during the holy month of Ramada, it has evoked interest among the residents of parangipettai and the surrounding areas.

The fish held in veneration by Muslims, was found in catch a couple of days ago, T. Balasubramanian director center of advance Study in Marine Biology of Annamalai University, told The Hindu. It was kept in the museum of the Centre for public viewing from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on working days.

The bright brown fish, about 30 cm in length an 10 cm in width, carried patterns resembling Arabic characters, on one side of the body reading “ Laillah illalah” (there is no God but Allah) and on other,”Sahni Allah” (Warning from God).

It’s other popular names are ‘Koran fish’ and ‘Koran Angel’. Mr. Balasubramanian said that it was in Parangipettai that followers of Prophet Mohammed, including his grandson, Syeb Sahib, attained martyrdom.

The 360-odd dargahs present at Parangipettai bore testimony to this fact. It was here thatpoet Ummaru recited Seerapuranam. Mr Balasubramanian and S. Ajmal Khan of the centre said the scientific name of the Allah fish was Pomacanthus Semicirculatus and it belonged to the family Pomancanthidae.

In India the fish was found in the Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Straits, besides at parangipettai. Coral reefs were its favourite habitat. It also occurred in the coastal waters of Africa, Korea, japan, Australia and Polynesia, the Dirctor said. (The Hindu)