Monday, March 31, 2008

'Plant' and 'Human' DNA (ladies with head flowers)

Ladies with head flowers 'Plant' and 'Human' DNA pictures images photos pics gallery Naree Pons are supposedly Thai pod people that appeared to Buddha as beautiful women while he meditated in a secluded area. They disappeared and left a humanoid pod form behind on a nearby tree. There are supposedly two Naree Pon pods in a Thai temple near Bangkok in Thailand.

The Naree Pons are involved in a legend about Buddha. He was meditating during the day under a tree and these "maidens" would spring forth out of the branches to try and entice Buddha away from his transcendental state with their charms. When night fell, the Naree Pons would curl back up into the tree and blend in with the vegetation.

They've done DNA samples on these people and discovered both 'Plant' and 'Human' DNA.
Ladies with head flowers.