Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Name of Allah Almighty written on Fish

Allah Almighty written on Fish phenomena pictures images pics photos galleryThese pictures of miracle fish are contributed by:

Mr. Mahmood Ghulam Patel.

According to Mr. Mahmood Ghulam Patel, he is an exporter of fish. He likes to keep fish tanks in his home too and has 8 fish tanks in his house. When he bought this fish, which is called as OSCAR, it was very small. As it kept growing the print on its body started becoming beautiful and bright; as it had become so big (Mash Allah), he shifted it to a 3" feet fish tank. Then one day he was staring at the fish and he saw some unusual writing in Arabic on it. He was surprised and shouted and said, "Subhan Allah". He called his family and they all shocked to see the name of Almighty Allah written on the body of fish. It is a blessing of Allah that this fish is in his house; as they never thought that a fish bought from a fish market valuing so less would now value so much and they are thankful to ALLAH for whatever he has given them.