Monday, June 2, 2008

The Tomb in Kashmir

The Tomb in Kashmir isa almasih pictures images gallery

The sign post at the tomb states plainly:

“Nearby is situated the stone of the grave which, according to the people, is the prophet's who arrived from a far off place during ancient times. Anointed for Kashmir: This spot is famous as the resting place of a messenger: I have read in an ancient book that a prince from a foreign land arrived here and engaged himself in piety and prayers [and] became a messenger of God for the Kashmiri people. In that ancient book his name is mentioned as Yuz Asaf.”

Why were these feet carvings made and placed next to the tomb in Kashmir?

The Tomb in Kashmir isa almasih pics photos gallery
"The position of the scars, just behind the toes, do not match each other, but they would align if a single nail was driven through both of the feet with the left foot placed on top of the right."
"The king asked the holy man who he was. The other replied: 'I am called a son of God, born of a virgin, minister of the non-believers, relentless in search of the truth."

"..and I was called Isa-Al Masih.'"