Tuesday, July 1, 2008

(Nature Phenomena) The Sun Was Seen In The Sky For 24 Hours a Day

(Nature Phenomena) The Sun pictures images pics photos galleryNorway was famous because of the phenomenon of his nature, especially the sun at midnight and light on the north.
In three countries that were located most North in Norway, the sun was seen in sky for 24 hours a day beginning with mid May to the end of July.
This enabled you to pass by the activity that was not possible to be carried out in the other part of the world, as playing golf at midnight!
North light, most beautiful was seen between November and in February, especially in the country that was located in most North but also South.
This light was seen in sky when the night, was caused the particle of the positive and negative electron from the sun was interested to the layer of the atmosphere of the earth and collided with the particle of natural gas in the height 100-300 km.