Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Leopard sharks With Swimmer in California

The Leopard sharks With Swimmer in California pictures pics galleryPaddling into the crystal clear waters she had no idea she was walking into every swimmer's nightmare -dozens of sharks collecting off the coast of Marina Del Rey, near Los Angeles, California.

Before she knew it, she was surrounded by dozens of Leopard sharks - and had to make a dash for the shore.

The dramatic episode was captured on film by a traffic helicopter from a local news show last month.

The Leopard sharks With Swimmer in California images photosThe KTLA helicopter had been in the skies following news stories and providing traffic updates for the Los Angeles television station.

In almost comic scenes, it catches the moments she suddenly spots the array of fins and realising her predicament she sprints for the beach.

Distinctively marked with dark brown spots on a silvery grey background, they are known to grow up to seven feet in length.

In hindsight the swimmer can reassure herself that the leopard sharks posed little danger to humans.

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