Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mysterious Triangular Unindentify Flying Object (UFO) Seen Near Wrexham

Mysterious Triangular Unindentify Flying Object (UFO) Seen Near Wrexham pictures pics photos galleryStrange, dazzling lights flying slowly through the night sky have been reported near Wrexham, sparking a new UFO scare.
The Evening Leader has been inundated with calls reporting the triangular shapes over Rhos, as well as sightings in Johnstown and Borras. The incident, the latest in a long line of sightings in the town, is strengthening claims that the town is fast becoming a UFO hotspot. Janet Bancroft, 28, and partner Mark Pluke, 24, both witnessed the dazzling lights from their home on Maes-y-Ficerdy, Rhos, after Mark had gone to put the rubbish out. According to the couple, the lights, spotted at about 7.40pm, formed into a slow-moving triangle before eventually disappearing from view some 20 minutes later. Janet said: "It was really strange. They formed into a 'V' shape and then into a triangle which sort of got bigger and bigger." Some have dismissed the phenomenon as Chinese lanterns or low-flying aircraft. Janet, however, is not so sure. "From the way they came up and formed, I don't think lanterns could do that in the air," she said.

"It is something stranger than that and somebody knows what they are. "It was really creepy. It takes a lot to scare me and that scared me. "After that we counted four helicopters in the sky – there is definitely something odd going on." She added: "I'm not one to believe in UFOs, but that was definitely not right."

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