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Do Dinosaurs still exist ?By : P.D. Roberts

Paul Dale Roberts: Like I said once before, HPI investigates all things paranormal, even sightings of dinosaurs. I got an email from Zeiker Tamoshkin. Zeiker makes claim that while flying in a helicopter through the tropics of the Congo in Africa, he thought he saw a brontosaurus. This is a pretty big claim, except for the fact that a sauropodlike animal with a long neck called the Mokele-Mbembe has been seen in West Central Africa. It has been seen mostly in the Likouala region of the Congo, which is very swampy and remote. Many credible witnesses have come forth with claims of seeing the Mokele-Mbembe, such as missionaries, natives, hunters and explorers.

My work in Haunted and Paranormal Investigations is never done, even though I am trying to have a normal social weekend with friends, emails like these get me intrigued. I placed Haunted and Paranormal Investigations Ghosthunter-in-Training Chantal Renee Apodaca on this assignment. To research out any and all information she can get on Mokele-Mbembe or any other dinosaur sightings around the world! I would meet up with Chantal on Saturday, August 23, 2008 to retrieve her data. This Friday, I would try and forget about dinosaurs and head over to Andrews Park/Creekwalk to listen to a live band that is playing at this park. I would hook up with my friends Lynn & Cedric. We would later head over to Stars for more music and fun with a group called Cheeseballs. But, even though everyone was having fun around me, I was still thinking of Zeiker's email. Is it really true? Could a dinosaur or dinosaurs still exist in Africa?

Saturday was finally here, I told Chantal to meet me at my godson Mark Edward Landon Crew's home in Plumas Lake for his birthday. When I arrived, the atmosphere was festive, there was karaoke in one room and in other rooms of this spacious new home, people were dining on a huge banquet of Filipino food. Chantal was eager to show me what she found, but with so much going on at the birthday party, I told Chantal to wait and later we would head over to a quiet bar at Cache Creek Casino and go over the paperwork.

Finally we left the fun times at Dirk & Maria Crew's home and headed over to Cache Creek Casino - Club 88. The band didn't start and it was nice and quiet at the bar. Chantal delivered data that human footprints have been found at a Colorado dry creek next to dinosaur prints. This would place the existence of man in the dinosaur age. But, this doesn't tell me that if dinosaurs do exist in the present time. Plus, what if those footprints found in the Colorado dry creek are not the foot prints of humans, but are foot prints of extraterrestials that were visiting Earth during the age of dinosaurs? If they were extraterrestial footprints, this would give credence to Erich von Daniken's theory of ancient astronauts visiting Earth during ancient times. Very interesting.

Chantal and I, discussed on how dragons are reptiles. We discussed the how they are similar to dinosaurs and it seems that every ancient culture believed that dragons existed. Chantal points out that at Babylon, at the Temple of Bel, Nebuchadnezzer kept a dragon around and when he tried to represent the dragon as a god, Daniel poisoned and killed the dragon. The dragon is referred to as the Sirrush. So, if you believe in biblical stories, then this story has some credibility. There are reportings of dinosaur looking creatures found at Loch Ness. Even one time at Folsom Lake in the early 60s. a sea serpent was seen. Folsom Lake is near where I live. Could Nessie of Loch Ness, or Loch Morar Monster, only 70 miles to the southwest of Loch Ness be some sort of Basilosaurus aka Zeuglodon? A Basilosaurus is a primitive serpentine whale that died out 50 million years ago. Could somehow some of these Basilsaurus have survived? Could the Ogopogo of Okanagan also be a Basilosaurus? So many questions and so little answers.

Let's take a look at the Emela Ntouka (Killer of Elephants). One day 3 adult elephants were floating in the river's waters. All three elephants had huge puncture marks embedded into their bodies. The tusks were intact, which would mean that poachers didn't do the killings. The neighboring tribes started talking about how possibly these elephants were killed by a dinosaur. This happened at Lake Tele, Africa.

But, not everything happens in Africa. There are dinosaur sightings also in South America. The natives have seen tracks of their elusive swamp dwelling beast(s). Tracks that look like tracks from dinosaurs. No, I am not talking about fossilized tracks, I am talking about fresh tracks. It is rumored that in the steep mountains of Guayana Massif, there may be some surviving dinosaurs. Also in South America natives claim to see a plesiosaur type of creature in their neighboring lake.

So it appears that Africa and South America is teeming with dinosaur activity. That is great, at least we don't have dinosaurs in North America (unless you want to count sea serpent claims in our Great Lakes and other areas). Wait, what's this? Chantal hands over some documents and it appears that Myrtle Snow claimed to have seen baby dinosaurs in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. This happened in 1935. She then claims to have witnessed other dinosaurs in 1937 and 1978. How can one person have seen so many dinosaurs throughout the years? I think there was something in the water at Pagosa Springs. This story is hard to chew. Thanks Chantal, but what else do you have? Chantal hands one more document over to me. In 1934, a South Dakota farmer claimed he saw a dinosaur in Campbell Lake. The key word is 'claim'. There is no proof of his sighting and a through search of past records indicates no other witnesses saw this dinosaur except that South Dakota farmer and there is no photographic evidence. Claims make good stories, but we need some kind of proof.

The only reason why the South American and African dinosaurs have some foundation of truth is because there are so many witnesses to the events. Either all these people are lying or they are actually seeing something in those jungles.

I conclude this article with the following possibilities of what these witnesses are seeing. They are either seeing:
a) The residual haunting effect of dinosaurs of the past. The residual energy left by these former reptiles could be imprinted into the atmosphere.
cool.gif Or they could be seeing an interdimensional creature that is able to jump from our reality into another reality. This would explain why no dinosaur has been shot and killed or captured. Many theorists think that Bigfoot is an interdimensional creature and that is why we cannot capture or kill a Bigfoot.

Whatever the situation is, many people are claiming to be seeing dinosaurs in Africa and South America. This is truly an X-Files type of case, with no simple answers.

As Chantal and I, were ready to wrap up this case, the band began to start. We were ready to call it a day.

The band that was playing is called Ridgemont High and they can be found at . They started playing a slew of 80s hits. We were in complete awe, because one of the band members is only 14 years old and she had the voice of a superstar. Everyone in the audience was in awe. The other lovely lady in the band is also part of and she also rocked the house. Everyone in the band took turns at various songs of the 80s and they were tremendously good! Before we knew it we found ourselves on the dance floor dancing to Journey, Gap Band, Robert Palmer and many other great artists. We got entranced with the music and one of the band members thanked the Solid Gold Dancers. He was talking about Chantal and I. So much for getting home early and working on this article. We stayed at Club 88 until it closed, dancing the night away.

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