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Some effect of Solar Storm in 2012

Solar storm phenomena in picture gallery2012 Solar Storm attack may cause the Great Disaster
According to British website reports “New Scientist”, the purpose of the storm the sun or solar storm activity cycle is powerful explosions from the top of the sunspots activity (sunspot), usually every 11 years will be entering a period of solar storm activity. American scientists recently warned that by 2012 the earth will experience a powerful solar storm (Solar Blast), rusakanya power would be much greater than the wind storm “Katrina”, and almost all people on earth will not be able to escape from the impact of disasters.

Strong storms in 2012 the Sun will Attacking
22 September 2012 at midnight, the sky of New York, Manhattan United States will be covered by a shaft of light color screen-warni.Di southern region of New York is, very few people can see this aurora phenomenon. However, the feeling of enjoying the beauty of this landscape will not last long. After a few seconds, all electric light bulbs in the region was getting dark and blinking erratically, then the light rays in an instant suddenly grew brighter, and light bulbs become incredibly bright. Furthermore, all the lights went out. 90 seconds later, the entire eastern United States will experience a power cut. A year later, millions of Americans begin to die, the state of infrastructure will become a heap of ruins. The World Bank will announce the U.S. turned into a developing country. At the same time, Europe, China and Japan and other regions or countries will also be the same as the United States, struggling in this time of disaster. This disaster comes from the sun or solar storms terrible storm, occurred on the surface of the sun is 150 million km from Earth.

American Detection Tool Successfully Taking Photos Storm Sun
Perhaps the story sounds impossible, in normal circumstances would not the sun can cause major disaster like that on Earth. However, a special report issued by the National Academy of Sciences, the United States in January 2009 stated that a disaster like this is likely to occur. The study was sponsored by NASA. In a few decades, the development of human societies, Western civilization has been planted the seeds for their own destruction. The way in excess of modern life which is highly dependent on science and technology, accidentally makes us more trapped in a super-dangerous conditions. Plasma balls are emitted in the eruption of the sun’s surface may be destroying our electricity network, resulting in terrible disaster. Daniel Becker of the University of Colorado, an expert on space weather is the originator of a special report from the Academy of Sciences of the United States, “Right now we are getting closer to the possibility of this disaster. If people can not prepare the mature deng disaster solar storm that will hit this. These solar storms may decide mankind electricity supply, cell phone signals, even including the water supply system. ”

However, there are some experts who express different views, they consider the impact of solar storms mainly concentrated in the outer space, and because the barrier effect of the earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere, interference effects will not be too real to life on earth. Experts say, when the active solar storm activity, would occur continuously burning and explosion in sunspot, when a large amount of ultraviolet light causes the release layer density in the ionosphere above the earth the sky suddenly increased, absorbing short wave energy out, so the short-wave radio signals upset. But the phone is used in everyday life, including the transmission of radio signals through the ionosphere layer, so that in general the impact of solar storms on communications in the earth’s surface would not be significant. In theory, in general the intensity of solar storms will not be able to break through the protection of the atmosphere and Earth’s magnetic field, so fatally threatened species in the earth. But for the year 2012 solar storm experts fear may be an exception.

Maybe Disaster Brings Big Impact on Earth
United States scientists have warned that, in 2012 a strong solar storms on the earth will bring great disaster to human beings, which will affect every aspect of modern society. The experts who issued a warning to atakan, the impact of solar storms on the Earth is probably the “domino effect”. Just think, if the electricity network to be fragile and unstable, things related to electricity supply businesses also will be a victim: refrigeration equipment stops, food and medicines are stored in refrigerated space in a large number will lose the storage conditions and damaged; pump suddenly stopped working, drinking water to the society will be a problem. In addition, because the interference with satellite signals, GPS positioning system will be garbage. Actually at the beginning of 1859 had similar cases, solar storms blasting the moment even their cable network ngakibatkan fire damage. Of course now the earth is covered by cable and wireless facilities, but the facility is difficult to hold the test solar storms.

When a strong solar storm strikes, the human race on earth will face two major problems. First, is about a modern electricity network problems now. Modern electricity networks typically use high voltage to cover a wider area, this will allow electricity network operations more efficient, you can reduce electricity losses during transmission, as well as electrical losses due to excessive production. However, he also collectively more vulnerable to space weather attack. transmission network will become very vulnerable and unstable, or possibly even causing a total halt. and this is only the first domino effect, then may also cause a “paralyzed traffic, communication is lost, the financial industry collapsed and chaotic public facilities; pump stopped causing drinking water supplies cut off, the lack of cooling facilities, food and medicine are hard to keep effective. Scientists have predicted when there is a strong solar storm intensity may lead to social and economic losses of human, only the first year alone the losses reach U.S. $ 1-2 trillion, while the recovery and reconstruction is required at least 4-10 years

The second issue is about the problem of electricity network system interdependencies that support our modern life, such as problems of water and waste management, logistics infrastructure problems supermarkets, electrical relay station control issues, financial and other markets that depend on electricity. If the two issues combined into one, we can clearly see that the incident appeared likely return Carrington solar storms is likely to cause a rare major disasters. Adviser special report from the National Academy of Sciences of the United States and the electric power industry analyst John Kappenman considered “Disasters such as this disaster compared to what we usually imagine the total opposite. usually less developed areas prone to disasters attack, but in this disaster, the region’s growing more vulnerable to disasters. ”

Preparing Not Human
Facing the possibility of a serious disaster that would have befallen the United States and the whole human race did not immediately respond to a job well prepared to face the next solar storm cycle. Becker says that because the likelihood of large-scale solar storms is very small, “The whole society does not even respond, but only noticed the problem before the eyes”. Of weather on Earth, scientists can track weather the storm that will happen over the next few days, and issue appropriate warnings to local residents, but the storm the sun or space weather is completely different. Backer said that today we still can not accurately predict the time and the power of solar storms, which can be predicted by me and my partner only if a large solar storm strikes, we are absolutely not able to handle it. ”

This is similar to early warning and hurricane disaster man on earth, today’s human race depends mainly on the prediction of the sunspot cycle to monitor the intensity of solar storms and their impact on the earth. What is meant by sunspot is a process of improvement and significant reduction in the number of sunspot every 11 years. Cycle is calculated starting from the lowest sunspot activity on the sun. In the active period will be increased sunspot, solar storms that occur will be more. When solar storms occur, high-speed particles and the flow of ions formed by electrically charged particles emitted largely by the sun will affect the earth’s magnetic field layer, ionosphere and neutral atmosphere conditions. In this issue of the impact of solar storms hazards, more than a century, people continue to monitor sunspot activity.

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Solar Storm Effect on U.S Power
Darkness Falls

Electric currents in the ionosphere induce electric currents in the ground and in pipelines. These currents surge into transformers and can fry them. It would take weeks or longer for workers to fix them all.

Off the Grid

The entire East Coast and much of the rest of the country would lose power. This map (below) shows the blacked-out regions expected from a severe storm like that of 1921, which would induce ground fields of about 20 volts per kilometer. Scientists have yet to model the effects of a full-blown 1859-like storm on the power grid.


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