Friday, July 2, 2010

White Desert 'Sahara el Beyda' in Egypt, Farfara

amazing phenomena in the world : White Desert in egypt
Egypt is really wonderful touristic destination with many attraction for tourists. We all know about Egypt’s main features like pyramids and other historical monuments. But Egypt is not only rich with historical monuments it also has many valuable natural features which deserve to be placed in touristic guides. One of such places is the White Desert which is also known by its original name "Sahara el Beyda".
White Desert picture image pic photo gallery in nature phenomena blogIt is placed near the smallest oasis in Egypt, Farfara. As most of us know, sand in deserts is yellow, however, the sand in White Desert is surprisingly white and that is how this place got its name. At the nights, this place looks like some snowy landscape.This place has became pretty popular in several last years. The fact that it is not far away from Black Desert and Crystal Mountain has made significant contribution to its popularity amongst tourists. It is known as a place where unusual chalk rocks can be found. Such rocks are shaped by low-level wind erosion. One of the most famous rocks which can be found here is so-called Mushroom Rock which incredibly reminds to giant mushroom. Despite the fact this place is protected nature reserve, visitors from different parts of the world are not so careful while staying there and they often make huge damage to those rocks.

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Adam said...

It has been my dream since I was a child to visit Egypt. I've always wanted to see the pyramids, the mummy which I usually see in movies and of course the popular white desert. I hope I can book cheap hotel before December. I want to end 2010 with my travel tour fulfilled.