Friday, November 5, 2010

El Paso UFOs mirror New York sightings

El Paso UFOs mirror New York sightings in picture gallery
A formation of mysterious lights over El Paso has mirrored last month's New York sightings.

El Paso residents flooded local police with calls about the objects, some believe them to be balloons or flares while others are of the opinion that there's something strange going on in the skies over the US.

First New York was gripped by sightings of UFOs in the sky last week. The fears were quickly debunked by the claim that the 'UFOs' were actually balloons released from a nearby school.
But this weekend lights forming a mirror image of the pattern seen in the sky over New York have been seen in El Paso, Texas - immediately sparking speculation that the little green men have moved down south.

Witnesses in El Paso flooded local police stations and newsrooms with phone calls. Many reported seeing the same sequence of events in the night sky.
First one light appeared to cascade from the heavens, separating into three, each with a tail behind it.

El Paso UFOs mirror New York sightings in Nature phenomena picture blog
Then they are seen solidifying into three dots forming a triangle - a triangle that was the mirror image of the three 'balloons' in New York.
Next a fourth light appeared, the lights appearing to hover in the air - and then, suddenly, they all went out.

Because it was dark, it seems unlikely that these lights are balloons.

The lights were captured on video and have sparked a frenzy of speculation, especially after a local news station pointed out the simliarity between them and the sightings over New York last week.

The mysterious objects hovered over the West Side of the Big Apple, causing thousands of New Yorkers to wonder what exactly they were seeing.
Traffic had ground to a halt and pedestrians stopped in their tracks to look skyward at the cluster of dots hovering overhead.
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But those objects turned out to be nothing other than wayward party balloons from a school in Mount Vernon.

Angela Freeman, headteacher of the Milestone School in Westchester said she was astonished at all the attention her decorations caused: 'It was just a freak thing. Frankly, I'm shocked by it'.

The cluster of balloons were apparently inadvertently launched when a parent bought the balloons in for a celebration at the suburban school.
'The kids had an engagement party for a teacher, and a mother brought four dozen balloons, and she's coming through the door. It is very windy in Mount Vernon. Suddenly, 12 of the balloons let loose,' Freeman explained.8DTQNKECZTQX

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