Thursday, March 10, 2011

Unexplained Phenomena : What on Earth ?

For years the crop circle phenomenon has both intrigued and baffled. Most people, whether they believe them to be clever hoaxes or something more will have both heard and formed an opinion on these peculiar though beautiful phenomena. In celebration of this mystery we're featuring a quick review of a new documentary being released on DVD this month, What on Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery. The film is produced and directed by Suzanne Taylor who has followed the crop circle phenomenon for many years.

Unlike some other documentaries what this documentary does not do is latch on to one specific theory and then present it as the definitive one, what it does do is explore all the possibilities and present them in an unbiased manner. No stone is left unturned, the film accepts for instance that there are hoaxers out there and even follows some of them as they go about the process of creating circles, no one explanation is put forward as the "correct" one and by the end its left up to the viewer to decide which make the most sense.

Throughout the film Taylor meets and speaks to a number of people including researchers and investigators as well as people who have had experiences with crop circles either when visiting them or when circles have appeared in their own fields. There is a lot of passion for the topic here, some have spent many years investigating the subject including Taylor herself and it shows, the interviews are fascinating to listen to and some of the stories are genuinely perplexing.

The film is presented very well with a large number of crop circles being shown throughout, the music fits very well and adds to the atmosphere of mystery and intrigue. By the end the film as a whole feels a bit like a spiritual experience, opening the mind to a plethora of metaphysical concepts and leaving even the most die-hard skeptic believing that there may just be something to the crop circle mystery after all.

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